BWF Timecoder BWF Timecoder

Batch processor to generate missing LTC tracks from BWF audio recordings

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BWF Timecoder reads the timestamp from the BEXT chunk of BWF audio files and generates new mono BWF audio files containing your "missing" SMPTE LTC timecode tracks.

You tell BWF Timecoder where to find the original BWF recordings, where to store the generated LTC files and the timecode format. BWF Timecoder works in batch mode so it automatically creates a new timecode file for every BWF file that it finds.

Drop the generated timecode tracks onto the timeline of your favorite DAW next to the original recordings for playback or mixdown (eg. for creating mono+timecode mixes for transcription when an original LTC track was not recorded).

BWF Timecoder

Source BWF files must be recorded with a stable and accurate sample-clock reference and the location recorder must store an accurate BEXT TimeReference field for BWF Timecoder to generate correct SMPTE timecode.


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When running in evaluation mode, the program mutes the generated timecode periodically. This limitation is removed when you purchase a license

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30 June 2014

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